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Here at ASHD Hairdressing, we pride ourselves on being as sustainable as we possibly can within the hair industry. It is our mission to consistently reduce our impact on the environment year-on-year.

We even recycle your hair which is then turned in to hair mats that help to soak up oil spill in the ocean. So you can now feel even better about having your hair cut!


Here are a few examples on how we are achieving sustainability.

LED Lighting

The shop uses only LED lighting which provides longer life and is more energy efficient.

Renewable Energy

Our store runs solely on renewable energy which provides no greenhouse gas emmissions.

Recycled Laptop

Our in store laptop uses less energy than desktop and is also made from 100% recycled aluminium.

Certified FSC Paper

All of our appointment cards and marketing material are made with certified FSC paper.

Recyclable Gloves

We recycle our gloves within our store to minimise waste, with the green salon collective.

Biodegradable Wipes

We use biodegradable colour wipes to minimise our store waste.


We encourage the refilling of empty shampoo and conditioner bottles.


Most of our magazines are digital, helping to reduce waste. The ones that aren't are recycled.

ECO Shower Heads

Our shower heads reduce water and energy usage by up to 65%, increases water pressure and removes sediment, rust and sand.

Aquis Towels

Made from aquitex, a synthetic fibre that doesn’t release microplastics into our water systems, meaning no pollution to our oceans.


We recycle as much waste as we can. Partnered with the Green Salon Collective, we can now recycle all of our used foils and colour tubes as well as you hair!

Foil Me Foils & hair collective.

Made from a % of recycled aluminium. A tree is planted with the purchase of every box of foils we make.

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Our prices will increase from April 2024 on some services. thank you for your continued support.